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Erin Holley came by today and I just wanted to say thank you for making me look so good.  They had stopped by some Napa vineyards that weren't open to the public on the drive in and were so glad they did the private tours. Please tell everyone thank you so much for making this a wonderful trip.  She wanted you to know Scott was excellent and they really enjoyed being with him.
Thanks again for all your help.  You’re the best…
- Myra Collins
I am always exceedingly happy when I have an opportunity to work with Rose Stanton and her team on an event and more than that, the attendees at my events feel so special because of the “environment” Rose helps construct with her “out of the box” creativity and laser‐focused attention to detail. When Rose is involved, my attendees walk away with a special memory that stays with them and that is critical for the success of my events.
In the course of my 19 years planning events in the Bay Area and across the country, I see the same proposals over and over from Destination Management Companies. Rose, however, is different. She really puts her heart into coming up with unique and “one-­of-­a-­kind” events while keeping an eye on the costs. I know when I get a proposal it’s not going to be the “same old thing.”
I so appreciate her unique eye for details a special way of setting a table that doesn’t feel like yet another double‐sided buffet or offering a unique venue because she has cultivated a relationship with the owner. She even finds a creative to ice down water bottles. It all adds up to a wonderful, creative event that makes my attendees feel valued.
In addition, she is just great to work with as a person. I believe that we are all partners when producing an event, and Rose exemplifies the best of partnership.
I am very grateful to work with someone who has a passion for her work it makes my job so much easier.
 - Nancy A. Nipper | Meetings & Convention Services
Thank you so very much for a fantastic program at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma last Friday! Our Board members and their spouses had a great time and both Vickie and I received many very positive comments the day after one of which was it was the best evening in all the 17 years we have been going to these. It doesn't get much better than that! I really appreciated Marsha being with us the entire time and that you were at Gloria Ferrer to greet us and make sure that we were comfortable, was just perfect. And what can I say about Lori and her staff, especially Andrea (I believe that is the name of the young woman who took us on the tour of the winery?) other than they were just superb. Everyone really liked their enthusiasm for the wine that they make and for the wine making process in general and our guide was very good at answering questions from our group which can be a tough crowd at times and hard to please. And then there was the wine and the food and the special birthday cake and the view I just don't have enough ways to say how great everything was and how happy people were, so thanks again for putting this together for us.  Viviani is truly one of the best Destination Management companies in Napa!
- Arete Associates
When I was planning my visit to Napa and Sonoma, to review it for my gay travel blog -, all roads led to one same name, Linda Viviani and after a whole week, experiencing her services, company and seeing her and her staff on the field, I fully understand why. Not only is she a local to the destination, but also she shows passion on the making. Yes the fact that she belongs to the VIRTUOSO Network was a certificate for success since the beginning, but being that I was travelling along with my partner, we needed to make sure that she would also be able to deal with that. She is full of surprises, connections and most important with a welcoming and friendly attitude, that drew a smile on our faces every morning when she was there waiting to pick us up, to once again share with us a full day of fantastic and unforgettable experiences. From one fellow expert traveller, that has been multiple times around the world, to Linda Viviani... what else to say than CHAPEAU. !!! I will trust her with my eyes closed with any of my clients from now on.
- Carlos Melia | Pisa Brothers Travel
Please know that our trip was perfect. Thank you so much for all the planning and all the surprises as well. We didn't order any food on the way home so needless to say your picnic was devoured (and we had just eaten lunch) go figure. Please let the Viviani's & Keith know that they too were greatly appreciated, they responded immediately and pleasantly to anything and everything.. The driver, Scott, my new best friend, was great and knowledgeable and even took the initiative to arrange a few spontaneous things as well. We were all more than pleased.
-Suzy Simons
Dear Rose,
Many thanks for your thoughtfulness, your time and your interest to all the details making our event in Napa so memorable.  I truly valued all your help and attention to each of our events.  All our guests appreciated everything from the venues, transportation, menus and weather.
Also, please pass our appreciation to David for all his help, attention and knowledge of the Napa area.  It was a pleasure working with you and the team and I look forward to another unforgettable event in Napa planned by Viviani.
Thank you also for the wonderful bottle of wine.  When I open this, it will bring back memories of our visit in Napa. Also when I get some photos I will email.
- Marilyn Mills and Darcy MacPherson | Owens Corning
I would like to thank you so very much for a wonderful tour that you've organized for my husband and me in Sonoma. It offered everything that I hoped for and more. Also thank you for taking time and coming to see us. It was a great pleasure meeting you. As not to become totally depressed upon our return we opened a gift from you Viviani's delicious Cabernet! It was such a tremendous treat! For everything most heartfelt thanks!
-Hanna Zaruski | Travel Experts
My wife and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our visits to the Wineries in Napa.
Scott provided us with a most enjoyable day visiting a few of the wineries and sharing some of the Napa history with us.
The Balloon ride was everything that I had anticipated and fortunately Eileen had such a great time she's still speaking to me.  Believe me, that was touch and go until she realized we were actually in the air and she saw just how delightful the experience actually is.  The Pilot and his Crew from pick-up at the Ranch to the balloon were an absolute pleasure and made it an effortless trip for us.
Of course, the dinner at the French Laundry was absolutely wonderful. I've heard all kinds of wonderful stories but until you experience it for yourself it just doesn't have any real meaning.  The service, the ambiance, and of course the food will be remembered until the return trip.
Thank you again for planning such and excellent trip to Napa Valley.
- Ira S Salk
I couldn't wait to tell you what a fantastic visit we had in Napa courtesy of you and Viviani. We have visited Napa and Sonoma any number of times but this surpassed every experience we have enjoyed there.
- Lee Wallace
Thank you for the absolutely wonderful weekend in Napa! We had a great time and truly appreciated visiting the wineries that were part of our itinerary. All of the owners were fantastic and they were so gracious. Wallis, Porter and Boyd were great choices as they are not as well known, but certainly of quality. Our time with Stan and Joan Boyd was also enjoyable as they both have travel industry background, and we found out that I know someone that Joan worked with at Qantas for years before they settled in the Napa Valley. Small world, isnt it. I learned even more than I thought I would, and it was a perfect ending to all of the great things that I learned throughout the Thirty Questions in Thirty Weeks promotion. The Bardessono was terrific and everyone there was also very accommodating. The service was great and the staff were exceptional! Our professional tour director was also a wonderful asset. He took great care of us and added a great wealth of knowledge of the region and the wines to our time spent there. Viviani is certainly first in my books for your region, and I will certainly be contacting you for future requests. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend the weekend in Napa Valley and cant wait to come back again soon.
- Doug Moorehouse | Vanguard Travel
We had such a wonderful time! Jeffrey was great; He had such a plethora of information to offer us everywhere we went and he was so very punctual. The bike tour was awesome as well. Tommy Thompson was such a great person and made us a fabulously delicious lunch. What a fantastic person! Rick at the sporting clays is unbelievable. What a down to earth and patient (with me bc I wasn't so good) individual! Omry was a much better shooter than me. Rick taught Omry very well; great teacher and student relationship they had :-) Thanks so much for making our experience one to remember!
-  Joanne Porat
The trip was amazing! We did not want to come home. I can't complain about anything; the trip was put together perfectly. We thoroughly enjoyed the mix of smaller and larger wineries. I'm not sure I can say I have a favorite. We both enjoyed the lunch at Kelham. The scenery and family were a pleasant experience. Our lunch in the caves at Porter family was one of our other top picks. My favorite wines were Shafer and Caymus, but we did take home some wine from each place.
Thanks for organizing such a great trip to Napa! Scott and Tom were wonderful...we both said we would love to use your company next time we visit Napa.
Keith, the video you put together is wonderful. That is so nice of you to take the time to do that for us.
Thanks again,
-Jessica Crabtree
I just received an email from Dr. Acton. They are still in San Diego and will be heading home on Sunday. He said the tour was MARVELOUS and they loved Marco. They had such a great time and he knew exactly how to get around to make the most of their time. Dr. Acton's sister had such a great time and they said they wished it could have been longer.
- Ron Stein | Carey Limousine LA

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